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Discontent Employees are Volunteer Slaves in a Free Nation
Following years as an entrepreneur in America, Australian author with Random House Inc., Corey Donaldson reveals how volunteer slavery among employees is a preferred culture in America, and provides the solution.
(Corey is doing a world book tour in August 2007 in Australia, Japan and the USA)

"Slavery is not over in America," according to Corey Donaldson, the author of LIBERATING VOLUNTEER SLAVES IN A FREE NATION, How Knowing The 5 Addictions Of Employee Slaves And The 10 Events To Freedom Empowers Employees To Be Free.

"The word slavery has undergone a politically correct change to EMPLOYEE by those drunk with their own whit," declares Donaldson who knows he is going to create a storm of controversy with his conclusions. In an age where the idea of freedom is under fierce debate, Donaldson raises an interesting point in asking, "If the founding principles of America grant 'The Pursuit of Happiness' and a 'Declaration of Independence,' then why do Americans prefer to live out the days of their lives pursuing misery as dependent slave employees?" Of course, "The same can be asked of Australians," says Donaldson.

                   Talking points with Corey Donaldson:

               * What is the solution to employee slavery?
              * How can a student of your book win $25,000?
 * What are the four questions that discontent employees fail to answer?
      * How does Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice' encourage slavery?
            * Why do you say discontent employees are slaves?
  * What are the six ways that show how employees work for a psychopath?
    * What are the addictions that keep all employees down as slaves?
         * What is the definition of TRUTH that the free rely on?
   * What are The 10 Events that usher employee slaves towards freedom?

* What is the way to align talents and personality with business ownership?

 * Why must employees be able to distinguish between their ego and their
* Why do you say that the ways people are offended are a blessing to them?
     * How do you know when personal beliefs are ripe for upgrading?

                 Corey's interview timetable is limited!

To receive a complimentary copy of Donaldson's book and arrange an interview please email Corey ASAP at

  You may also call the Las Vegas office at 1-702-851-7694.
  For additional information please see

  From the back cover of Donaldson's book:

This irreverent and solution driven approach to freedom launches a parade of in-your-face candor as Corey Donaldson exposes why all employees are slaves and what they can do to end their discontent. Donaldson incorporates a spellbinding dose of humor, political jabs, social commentary, popular culture, movie lines and curious wisdom to spell out how freedom for all employees is achievable, despite self imposed odds. Donaldson's reckless abandon for political correctness is inspired purely by his relentless commitment to get his point across, regardless of the piety the reader may be accustomed to.

Donaldson pays no mind to tradition or sprinkling any sugar on the sour ways of those who choose enslavement to a boss, spouse, or even relatives. As Corey's riveting words declare, "what you accept in personal relationships must not be any different than what you accept in business relationships and vice versa."

Donaldson's way of communicating is rough, unrefined, without caution and unsavory. And yet at the same time his taste is elevating, liberating, illuminating and even entertaining as he distributes word pictures, metaphors and analogies generously throughout the text. The content is peppered with controversial statements that are calculated to summon a spicy response, provoking the mind towards feasting on an accelerated diet of belief breakthroughs. Donaldson demonstrates unabashed boldness that is strangely invigorating in a culture where walking on egg-shells is the norm; while at the same time providing instant measures for realizing of the experience of inner peace.

The author draws extensively from previous experience as a slave and his alternate experience in freedom, which has encompassed the past seven years of his life. Through persistent and creative observation, Corey demonstrates that there are five addictions that employees cling to that keep them subject to tyranny and oppression in the way they make money, and inevitably their personal lives. As the text progresses, the reader will come to see how these five addictions are crucial to know in order to evolve through The 10 Events to Freedom.

For any employee who has wondered what happens between their grand ideas for freedom and the execution of those ideas, Donaldson has the exact answer in this emancipating work for the employee. Be warned though; don't look for reverence in the way Corey communicates. He holds nothing back in his resolve to give you the urgent truth that will hit you like a punch in the face from a smiling friend.

At first, you may think Corey takes great pains to offend just to make you wake up, but don't cry about it. As a result, you will experience freedom in the way you make money and ultimately, all your phony relationships will be purged, if you so choose. Your path to authentic happiness and freedom is about to commence. Prepare yourself to lay aside the slave within and take up your purpose as a freedom creator!

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